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This stunning artwork was produced by Jim Wilson © The Roger Moore Years

The Saint has featured in print ever since the first Saint story, written by Leslie Charteris, was published in the 1920s.

In 1961, Leslie Charteris sold the television rights to The Saint and subsequently the first season began in 1962. After the TV series was released, publishers were keen to cash-in, and at the height of its popularity, several books were published to tie-in with the series. Surviving examples of these books, especially in good condition, have now become quite rare and highly sought after by collectors.

Included with other material in this image gallery are fourteen books published in the USA by the Fiction Publishing Company of New York between November 1963 and November 1964. The books all featured Roger Moore on their covers, the various images being taken from the first black and white season of the television series. These books are shown here in release order.

Click on 'The Saint' link below to view this featured collection. 

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